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Individual Coaching


Coaching is an investment in yourself; in the development of your talents and inner strengths. It is a process where you discover yourself, grow, release yourself from your mental prison and explore new horizons.

All this does not happen in just one session of course.


Depending on your goal and desired result, we determine a coaching journey that fully supports you.


The sessions take place in person in my practice, or by phone or per skype.




Group & Relationship Coaching


Relationship Systems Coaching help relationships flourish through a better awareness of themselves and better communication skills.


We bring creativity and fresh perspectives to a team and enhance communication between all parties involved in order to bring about a new way of being with each other that works for the individuals AND the group.



Outcomes of System coaching:


- greater productivity

- clear and transparent communication

- more trust

- alignment and collaboration

- valuing each others’ differences and individuality

- sharing responsibility

last but not least: more fun and joy in life!


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